Milwaukee Youth Theatre
MYT Alumni News
Tristan Crist
August 22, 2018

MYT alum Tristan Crist owns and operates
the Tristan Crist Magic Theatre in Lake
Geneva, WI - Chicago’s resort town
getaway.  His live magic and illusion shows
have been rated the popular vacation
destination’s “Number One Thing to Do” on
TripAdvisor for two years running and have
entertained over 50 thousand audience
members since opening in December of
2015.  Tristan’s company recently broke
ground on a 1.5-million-dollar expansion
and looks forward to opening a brand-new
theatre for the show in 2019.
Tristan spent most of his early teenage
years at the original MYT location in Bay
View soaking up as much knowledge about
performing, set construction, costuming,
lighting and sound as he could.  He started
as an actor in one of the first productions
in the early 1990s and after that positive
experience he asked MYT founder Peter
Daniels if he could run the light and sound
board for the next production.  From the
very beginning, MYT was a great place for
kids to gain experiences they would never
find at a typical theatre school or acting
camp.  The concept of allowing kids to
participate in all elements of a theatrical
production allowed them to not only learn
skills for in front of the curtain but also
the variety of important jobs that go on
behind the scenes.  MYT was also the
location of one of Tristan’s first live magic
shows.  A precursor of things to come!  
Ultimately MYT gave Tristan the
knowledge and confidence to go out in the
real world and pursue a career in the
performing arts.
Tristan is proud to say he has never held a
“real job.”  Following his years at MYT he
obtained a BFA degree in theatrical
technology and design from UW-Stevens
Point and worked his way through college
performing as a magician.  Tristan
immediately dived into the world of being
a full-time performer after college.  He
took the MYT mindset of learning and
trying new things with him as he has
developed into a business owner,
marketing guru and ultimately the driving
force behind the creation of a financially
successful performance attraction in Lake
Tristan is thankful for his MYT start and
points to it as a major catalyst to his
success in the performing arts.  He
encourages any parent looking for a unique
opportunity for their children’s theatrical
education to seriously explore the
opportunities MYT has to offer!

Tristan Crist Magic Theatre
609 W. Main St. Lake Geneva, WI
(262) 248-0505