Milwaukee Youth Theatre
Girl Scouts

MYT’S Girl Scout Workshop Offerings

General Information:

Girls who participate in a workshop
with MYT will warm up their bodies,
voices, and imaginations like actors.
Depending on the level of the troop
and the badge they are looking to
obtain, girls may play theatre games,
create a character, learn a dance
combination, write and perform a
short play, and/or learn
improvisation techniques.
They will learn how to warm up like
an actor, to make bold choices, and
to speak loudly and clearly.
Girls will develop a strong sense of
self by gaining confidence through
acting skills.
Girls will gain practical life skills by
learning how to speak loudly and
confidently in a public setting.
Girls will promote cooperation and
team building by learning to trust and
respect their fellow actors.
Girls will be resourceful problem
solvers by learning how to think on
their feet through improvisation.

MYT Pre-Show Workshop and

Serves All Levels

Cost Per Girl: $12 (includes ticket
to performance)

Cost Per Adult: $8 (covers ticket to

Girls will attend a themed pre-show
workshop based on the performance
they will be seeing that evening.
They will learn the basic tools of
acting, learn how to warm up their
bodies and voices like an actor, and
play a variety of theatre games.
After the workshop, the troop will
attend a public performance of a
Milwaukee Youth Theatre production
2016-2017 season to be announced.

Dance Your Heart Out!



Dance your way to your performance
Troops will warm up like dancers, and
learn a dance combination.
Girls will create their own dances
(individually or in small groups) and
perform for each other at the end of
By the end of this workshop, girls will
be able to express themselves
through dance with confidence and
This event will allow Brownies to
earn their Dancer/Performance

The Evolution of Character


Cost Per Girl: $8
Use your imagination to create a
character from the past!
Girls will learn the basics of
character development, and create
their own characters.
Girls will design a costume for their
characters, and participate in several
character building exercises.
By the end of this workshop, girls will
be able to live, work, and play as
their own unique characters.
This event will allow Juniors to earn
their Creative Play/Playing the Past

Becoming an Actor!


Cost Per Girl: $8

Develop the tools you need in order
to be a confident performer!  Girls
will learn how to warm up their
bodies and voices.  They will learn
how to carry themselves with
confidence, and to speak loudly and
clearly.  Girls will choose scenes to
work on and will perform at the end
of class for each other.  By the end of
this workshop, girls will be able to
speak loudly, clearly, and with
confidence in front of a group.  This
event will allow Cadettes to earn
their Performance/Public Speaker

Lights, Camera, Action!


Cost Per Girl: $8

Write your own screenplay!
Girls will discuss their favorite
movies and shows, and why they love
They will each come up with their
own unique story that they want to
share with the world, and create and
develop characters.
Girls will learn the writing structure
of a screenplay, and begin to create
a screenplay of their own.
By the end of this workshop, girls will
be able to complete their own short
This event will allow Cadettes to
earn their Storytelling/Screenwriter

Be Your Own Producer!


Cost Per Girl: $8

Create and put on a show!
Girls will devise their own piece of
theatre -- as a troop, or in smaller
They will have creative control over
their own piece, but will be guided by
a teaching artist through
improvisation and character
development activities.
By the end of this workshop, girls will
be able to organize a team and put
together performances on their own!
This event will allow Seniors to earn
their Performance/Troupe Performer

To register call 414-390-3900
or email
for details on performances, tickets,
and setting up a workshop.