Milwaukee Youth Theatre
MYT's Adventures In Radio Sound

Directed by Julia Kendl

Public Shows
7:00pm Wednesday January 22
7:00pm Thursday January 23
7:00pm Friday January 24

Before there was television
Before there were movies
There were RADIO programs.

It's like a podcast with a live audience.
Yes, families actually gathered around
their radios in the evening and listened to
comedies, detective dramas, action
adventures, horror stories and more.
Milwaukee Youth Theatre is taking a trip
back in time to explore the golden days of
radio in a theater production that
showcases old radio scripts from the
1940s. Cast members will perform comedic
sketches from Fibber McGee & Molly and
Abbott & Costello; detective dramas such
as Ellery Queen and action adventures such
as Captain Midnight Adventure. All
sketches will be performed live by
Milwaukee Youth Theatre actors and will
include unique sound effects.