Milwaukee Youth Theatre

Esperanza Rising
Written by Lynne Alvarez
Based on the book by Pam Munoz Ryan
Directed by Maureen O'Hara

School Performances
Thursday October 19th 10am
Friday October 20th 10am

Public Performance
Friday October 20th 7pm

Esperanza is the daughter of a wealthy
land owner in Mexico who is used to the
finer things in life. When her father is
killed by bandits, her scheming Uncle takes
over the farm. He sends Esperanza across
the border to California to live with her
family. Esperanza is forced to be a migrant
worker there. She is not used to the hard
work and is desperately miserable. She
eventually finds her footing and discovers
that she has a skill at babysitting which
earns her extra money. Though she is faced
with several setbacks, the young girl's
determination and spirit helps her to thrive
over the obstacles.