Milwaukee Youth Theatre
The Princess and the Pea
Written By Hans Christian Andersen
Directed by Brittany Curran

Public Performances
Wednesday May 9th 7pm
Thursday May 10th 7pm
Friday May 11th 7pm

$8 adults
$6 ages 13-17
$5 ages 4-12

Ages 3 and under free

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This MYT production is set in a modern
day, “red carpeted” Kingdom. The Prince
has journeyed all around the world
searching for a Princess to marry, but with
every encounter something seemed to go
wrong. So he returned to his castle at last,
footsore and heart sick. Until one night
during a storm a beautiful girl came
knocking at the castle door, claiming she
was a Princess. The queen was doubtful so
she placed a tiny pea underneath twenty
mattresses, knowing only a true Princess
would be able to feel it. Is this young girl
truly a real Princess?  Is she the special
Princess the Prince has been searching for?