Milwaukee Youth Theatre
MYT Proudly Announces
our 27th Season!

October 11-12, 2018

Alice In Wonderland

Author – Lewis Caroll

Director – Brittany Curran

Synopsis:  In this classic Lewis Caroll tale
the audience follows the White Rabbit to a
delightful world of childhood fantasies.  
Alice journeys with him into a colorful
world of talking animals, comic royalty and
races where the contestants run in circles
and get nowhere!  Alice also joins the Mad
Hatter's frantic tea party and the Queen of
Hearts' trial where she finds out she is the
accused.  This play gives a modern view to
an old classic where nonsense makes good

February 7-8, 2019

The Hundred Dresses

Author – Eleanor Estes

Director – Maureen O'Hara

Synopsis:  Wanda Petronski just wants to
have friends like everyone else. But in
1930's small town America, a Polish
immigrant doesn't really fit in.  When
Maddie's best friend Peggy teases Wanda,
Maddie knows it is not right.  When the
teasing doesn't stop Wanda and her family
move away from the town's prejudices.  
Maddie is wracked with guilt and faces her
fear of losing her friend's acceptance by
facing her bullying head on.  Maddie knows
it is the right thing to do and unknowingly
gains a new friend from her decision.

This production is
supported in part
by a grant from
The Milwaukee Arts Board
The Wisconsin Arts Board

April 3
-5, 2019

Peter & Wendy

Author - Jeremy Bloom

Director – Greg Davis

Synopsis:  In this lyrical interpretation the
story setting of Peter Pan is stripped down
to a vast space beyond. Peter lures Wendy
away from her nursery to the magical
world of Neverland where she joins his
adventures with Tinker Bell, Tiger Lilly and
the menacing Captain Hook.

- Show times to follow shortly -