Milwaukee Youth Theatre
MYT Proudly Announces
our 29th Season!

Script by Robert Neil Porter
Produced by special arrangement with
Pioneer Drama Services
Directed by Haley Neunens

School Shows
10:00am Thursday October 10
10:00am Friday October 11

Public Show
7:00pm Friday October 11
$11 ages 18 and up
$9 ages 13 through 17
$7 ages 4 through 12
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Synopsis: For over 300 years Aladdin has
been one of the best known and most
retold of all fairy tales. One of the tales in
the book
One Thousand and One Arabian
, this play version of Aladdin is the
classic story of a boy who finds a magic
lamp and with the help of the lamp’s Genie
wins the hand of the lovely princess
Balmyra. But, an evil Turkish magician
gains control of the lamp and instructs the
Genie to bring her to him in the palace
where she is rescued by Aladdin with the
help of Balmyra’s cat Tiger Lily.

MYT's Adventures In Radio Sound
Script by Julia Kendl
Directed by Julia Kendl

Public Shows
7:00pm Wednesday January 22
7:00pm Thursday January 23
7:00pm Friday January 24
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Before there was television
Before there were movies
There were RADIO programs.

It's like a podcast with a live audience.
Yes, families actually gathered around their
radios in the evening and listened to
comedies, detective dramas, action
adventures, horror stories and more.
Milwaukee Youth Theatre is taking a trip
back in time to explore the golden days of
radio in a theater production that
showcases old radio scripts from the 1940s.
Cast members will perform comedic
sketches from Fibber McGee & Molly and
Abbott & Costello; detective dramas such
as Ellery Queen and action adventures
such as Captain Midnight Adventure. All
sketches will be performed live by
Milwaukee Youth Theatre actors and will
include unique sound effects.

The Secret Garden
Based on the book by
Frances Hodgson Burnett
Script by Thomas W. Olson
Produced by special arrangement with
Plays For Young Audiences
Directed by Maria Beilke

School Shows
10:00am Thursday April 30
12:30pm Thursday April 30
10:00am Friday May 1

Public Show
7:00pm Friday May 1

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The Secret Garden tells the story of Mary
Lennox, a selfish and disagreeable 10-year-
old girl whose parents have died during a
cholera epidemic in India. Mary is sent to
England to live in a dreary mansion with
her widower uncle, Archibald, who is still
mourning the death of his wife. Mary finds
she is alone and lost in a grown-up world.
She meets her cousin, Colin, a reclusive,
sick boy who seems incapable of getting
out of bed. With the help of the mansion’s
servants and their children everything
changes when the secret garden and the
magical powers of nature are discovered
leading to everyone’s rejuvenated outlook
on life.

This production is
supported in part
by a grant from
The Milwaukee Arts Board
The Wisconsin Arts Board