Statement on diversity, equity and inclusion

Milwaukee Youth Theatre is an organization that cares deeply about Milwaukee.

We are consistent in affirming our values of equity and inclusion, our pledge to diversity, and our commitment to the work of anti-racism. We work towards recognizing, calling out and eradicating all forms of racism, inequality and biases on our stage, in our staff, and on our Board. We acknowledge the historical legacy of exclusion and marginalization within the greater Milwaukee theatre community and we are committed to providing a just, diverse and inclusive space for every MYT participant. Therefore, we intentionally work to break down barriers to learning and creating theatre, including those based in race, gender and economics.

Our vision

  • To have a respectful and supportive theater that attracts people (students, staff, Board Members) that are representative of the communities we serve.
  • To have an organization that serves our local communities and creates productions that reflect the diversity of Milwaukee, stimulating attendance of all community members.

Our values

  • We value diversity by accepting, respecting and celebrating individual differences.
  • We value inclusion by identifying, addressing and removing misconceptions and barriers in our organization, including productions, process, practices, programs, and services.

Our goals

To make clear and evident our vision and values by integrating them into every aspect of our organization.

  • Employees: Each individual brings with them a diverse set of perspectives, life experiences, and cultural differences.
    • Goal: Seek out and recruit a diverse group of instructors and technicians.
  • Audiences: MYT seeks to develop a relationship with the communities that we serve. Our school touring program removes financial obstacles while educating and nurturing an interest in theatre with young students.
    • Goal: Expand theatre awareness among Milwaukee’s historically underserved communities by promoting productions and developing programs/services geared towards those populations
  • Students: MYT believes that diversity of voices is inherently innovative. By investing in diversifying the voices that are amplified through live theatre, we are contributing to the growth of the art form. Our casts and student production teams will be reflective of the Milwaukee community.
    • Goal: Increase cast diversity by expanding auditions to communities, developing local partnerships with diverse organizations.
  • Board of Directors: Boards should also be a reflection of the communities they serve. Multiple perspectives ensure that more types of people are represented and have a voice in the decisions made. Where an inclusive culture exists, the staff is also more likely to feel free to bring their authentic selves to the organization.
    • Goal: Increase the diversity of our Board by actively recruiting from historically marginalized communities.
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